The Best Summer Sandals for 2021 Under $100

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There are a few momentous times of year that signify the change of season more than anything else. In fall it’s that first time you have to wear a jacket to go outside, but for the warm seasons? It’s that day that you finally realize it’s appropriate to wear sandals again—and that day is officially here.

After months under socks and stuck into sherpa booties, it’s your toes’ time to shine, and the sandals of 2021 are here to help you let them make their debut in style.

From chunky, quilted statement-makers to the leather slides you’ll be thanking yourself you bought for years, these are the best sandals of the year—and they’re all under $100.


The Wave Slide Sandal

4 colors available

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Dolce Vita

Haize Strappy Slide Sandal

8 colors available

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Steve Madden

Margie Sandal

3 colors available

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Who What Wear

Charli Slide Sandal

3 colors available

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Waterproof Slide Sandal

5 colors available

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Authentic Slide Sandal

2 colors available

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Total Relaxation Slide Sandal

6 colors available

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Chinese Laundry

Regina Genuine Calf Hair Slide Sandal

2 colors available

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Lace Sling Back Espadrilles

2 colors available

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Ruched Leather Sandal

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Velcro Strap Sandal

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Leather Braided Sandal

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The Dayna Lugsole Slide Sandal

2 colors available

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The Maggie Sandal

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The Boardwalk Lace-Up Sandal

3 colors available

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Source: @seychellesshoes

Alice & Wonder

Kelly Braided Sandal

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Low Key Slide Sandal

5 colors available

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Chunky Croc Sandals

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Flat Padded Sandal

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Knotted Mule Sandal

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Block Heeled Sandal in Croc

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Woven Flat Sandal

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Woven Leather Sandal

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Braided Sandal

2 colors available

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Braided Strap Sandal

2 colors available

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Jute Flat Sandal

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Ruched Leather Sandal

2 colors available

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Braided Strap Sandal

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Bos. & Co.

Imani Slide Sandal

3 colors available

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In the Know: Your Weekly News Breakdown in 5 Minutes or Less

Missed a major news story? Saw a headline that you wanted to read but didn’t have time? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Our contributing news and politics editor puts together the week’s most important news information in quick summaries so you can get a high-level idea of what’s gone down in the world. You probably won’t see your latest celebrity gossip here, but you will see the latest on politics and news events. From racial justice info to COVID-19 updates, this roundup will help you catch up on everything that happened during the week. 


News You Need To Know This Week


George Floyd Murderer Stands Trial For Second Week

George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis last year by police officer Derek Chauvin after Chauvin kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. Floyd’s murder sparked a global outcry against police brutality and institutionalized racism. This week was the second week of Chauvin’s criminal trial. Among the key testimony were statements made by law enforcement officials, including the Minneapolis Chief of Police, who agreed that Chauvin using his knee as a restraint tactic was improper.

READ MORE on The New York Times


President Biden Announces New Gun Restrictions

On Thursday, President Biden called gun violence in America a “public health crisis” and issued limited executive action to restrict access to ghost guns and pistol braces. He also announced his nomination for gun control advocate David Chipman to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.



Prince Philip Passes Away at 99

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II, passed away earlier today. Prince Philip married into the Royal Family in 1947 after meeting Queen Elizabeth (who was a princess at the time) almost 10 years before. Prince Philip experienced health issues in recent years and stepped down from royal duties in 2017.




News To Watch Next Week


New Witnesses and Testimony Presented in Defense of Derek Chauvin

The attorneys prosecuting Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd will likely rest its case over the next few days, so Chauvin’s defense team will probably begin its case sometime next week. In its opening statement, the defense suggested that other contributing factors led to Floyd’s death, not Chauvin’s use of force. With the prosecution focusing on officer training and the defense honing in on medical analysis, next week’s testimony will be pivotal for the case.


If you’ve had a long week or current events aren’t the most positive—reading the news can be draining. We understand. Personal news breaks are totally justified and sometimes necessary. No pressure if you need some time away from the headlines. Whenever you’re ready to read, we’ll be here.   



Your Work-From-Home Uniform Based on Your Zodiac Sign

It’s officially passed the one year anniversary from working from home, and if there’s anything noteworthy to take from our couch-ridden endeavors, it’s that our legs haven’t seen a pair of jeans in 365 days.

Whether or not you’re looking forward to (hopefully) going back to the office sometime in the near future, most of us are looking at new schedules that still involve a lot of time from home (if not all of it). And a year in, we know that time spent working from home is well spent if we’re doing it in cute sweats.

If you’re someone who wants to put on an actual work outfit for your work-from-home days, we salute you; but if you’re someone who wouldn’t be caught dead sitting in your house in any pair of pants that have a zipper, these looks are for you. To make the task of getting dressed even easier, we’ve styled full, couch-appropriate looks tailored to your zodiac sign. Sure, we miss our workwear, but these cute joggers, bright sweatshirts, and fun blue-light glasses are going to get us through until the day we can finally wear it again.


Aries aren’t afraid to stand out, which means that being stuck inside isn’t going to stop them from rocking one of this season’s most daring color trends: yellow. Incorporate it into a bold loungewear look and bask in the glory of knowing that you don’t need to be seeing other humans to be dressed in style. 

shorts / crewneck / bralette / mug / blue light glasses




Tauruses enjoy the finer things in life, which makes a luxe matching set exactly what the doctor ordered for their time spent inside. 

top / pants / scrunchie / slippers / mug




Gemini’s easy-going tendencies make this year’s chill tie-dye trend the perfect match for them. This cozy matching set is begging to be turned into a wear-on-repeat staple.

pants / tee / mug / slippers / blue light glasses



Ah, cancers—the homebodies of the signs. A matching sweat set in this sweet, dusty rose hue can bring even more joy to the crab sign’s work-from-home days—something they’re probably already thriving on. 

shorts / sweatshirt / mug / blue light glasses / slippers




Leos are poised and confident, which means rocking a bra-and-cardigan combo is right up their alley. Paired with some super-soft joggers and a cheeky mug, being stuck at home doesn’t make them any less chic.

cardigan / bra / joggers / mug / slippers / blue light glasses




Notoriously un-fussy, Virgos thrive in minimalist but put-together looks that allow them to work comfortably throughout the day without feeling like a slob. 

sweatshirt / shorts / mug / slippers / scrunchie




Refined and elegant, Libras wouldn’t be caught dead wearing what they wore to sleep all day. A seamless matching set topped off with Skim’s famous velour hoodie fits their bill seamlessly. Old raggedy sweatshirt who?

tank / leggings / slippers / zip-up / mug



Scorpios need at-home outfits that can take them from the couch to a video conference to an after-work online HIIT class with no hesitation. Enter: a fool-proof all-black look.

bike shorts / sweatshirt / scrunchie / slippers



The show-stopping Sag is anything but basic, and on-trend colors and prints appeal to them whether it’s in their workwear or work-from-home wear. Leave it to a Sagittarius to pull off a pair of statement slippers. 

tee / shorts / blue light glasses / slippers / tumbler



Capricorns are likely going to be sitting and working well past their 9-5 requirements, which means coziness is key. Enter: a one-and-done, buttery-soft romper.

jumpsuit / mug / blue light glasses / slippers





Aquarians are deep thinkers who also love (and thrive on) a little bit of fun. An all-too-appropriate graphic tee in bold colors paired with leopard slippers are the perfect balance of two of their best traits.

tee / joggers / blue light glasses / tumbler / slippers



Kind and sensitive, Pisces isn’t the all-black-everything type. A unique look in muted, soft colors is perfect for keeping their concentration and happiness while working at home all day. 

shorts / sweatshirt / slides / mug / scrunchie










Grab Your Popcorn: 7 New Netflix Releases We Can’t Wait To Watch

Out of all of my most colorful, warm childhood memories (trips to Disney World, winning a sledding contest in the fourth grade, balling out at our school’s annual Scholastic Book Fair), there is one recurring memory that I hold above all others: Friday trips to Blockbuster.

Sure, I may be repressing the fistfights my siblings and I had over which feature we would play on repeat all weekend long but, above all, I view our past expeditions to the video store in the highest regard. Choosing amongst what seemed like 3.2 billion titles, narrowing our decision down to one, and snagging a strawberry Ring Pop at checkout was the pregame. Snuggling up with my favorite tie blanket, popping the VHS tape into our dusty Panasonic VCR, and watching a new (probably very mediocre) flick was the main event. 

Blockbuster may be dead but my love for compelling fresh shows, thrilling new movies, and a worry-free Friday night on my couch remains alive and well. Saying “hello” to another month means welcoming new Netflix arrivals and honey, you’re going to want to grab your popcorn for these guys:




1. Shadow and Bone

Release date: April 23

Oh my Lanta, this trailer makes me want to run through walls and do backflips. Netflix has been teasing us with the release of Shadow and Bone, a new series based on the fantasy adventure book trilogy of the same name, for quite some time now. Alas, they have finally graced us with a release date and this wild trailer that will tie us over in the meantime. Hello dark and twisty fantasy series that will keep us on our toes, we are ready for you.


2. This Is A Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist

Release date: April 7

If you’re in the market for a spicy new documentary, This Is A Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist is sure to be next on your “to watch” list. The piece zones in on the events transpiring from a 1990 art heist in which 10 million (yes, 10 million) dollars worth of famous art were seized and seemingly vanished without a trace.


3. Why Are You Like This?

Release date: April 16

I have a feeling that once released, this quirky comedy series will fill a sitcom void I didn’t even know that I had. Why Are You Like This? is a witty satire that follows the lives and friendship of three 20-somethings in Melbourne, Australia. I’m 100 percent writing this release date in my planner so that 1) I don’t miss a beat and 2) I appear to be busy. Note: I am not busy.




4. Stowaway

Release date: April 22

Five words, 24 letters, say it and I’m yours: Anna Kendrick in a spacesuit. Jokes aside, this soon-to-hit Netflix sci-fi thriller looks absolutely exhilarating. When the three-person crew of a two-year mission to Mars realizes that an accidental extra passenger has joined their trip, they are challenged with one chilling fact: there’s only enough oxygen on board for three people. I truly have no idea how this is going to go, which, in my humble opinion, is my idea of a good time.


5. Oxygen

Release date: May 12

Alright, we’ve got a bit of time before the release of this science fiction thriller but it looks good. When a woman wakes up in a cryogenic chamber without memory of how she got there, she has to find a way out before running out of air. I’m already stressed but my body is ready. 


6. Thunder Force

Release date: April 9

I’m saving this one for a day that I need a good laugh because Thunder Force is everything that I want in a comedy. Also, can we have a moment of appreciation for this brilliant duo that I never saw coming? Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer, I already love what’s happening here. This superhero comedy tells the tale of two childhood besties who (re)join forces when one invents a formula that gives normal people superhuman abilities.


7. Concrete Cowboy

Release date: April 2

Of all of the gems coming to Netflix in the next few weeks, I’m most anticipating this coming-of-age drama film. When a rebellious Detroit teen (Lucas from Stranger Things, I see you grindin’) is sent to live with his estranged father in Philidelphia, he enters the tight-knit community of Black cowboys and grapples with his idea of home. If it’s even half as good as this trailer, it’s going to be a masterpiece. Let’s ride.



On the Legacies Women Create

A close up of a woman looking over her shoulder with her arms crossed

In honor of Women’s History Month, I’ve been reflecting on what constitutes a legacy and what deems a person a changemaker. 

As I look back on all of the women who have come before me, paving the way and passing the torch to the women of today, it has really become clear to me that there is no “how to” when it comes to building a legacy and making history. There is not one type of woman that is built to make change. 

There is not one type of woman that is built to make change.

I think of Michelle Obama, with her extroverted wit, and Maya Angelou with her unwavering sturdy wisdom. I look to the women in my own life—the lineage of women I come from are nothing short of complex masterpieces—made up of writers, educators, immigrants and changemakers. I think of my own mother making hard decisions to honor herself in her life, in ways that I could never understand until I started to have to make those decisions myself.

Every woman is different, woven together specifically and on purpose. We are each creating a unique legacy and paving the way for ourselves and those around us by simply making the next right choice. 

History is not just what’s in the history books (in fact the history books are a rather biased sampling of stories). The impact you leave in your community, in your home and in your workplace—simply by honoring yourself and making decisions that feel true in your soul—that is history in the making. 

The impact you leave in your community, in your home and in your workplace…that is history in the making. 

Have you ever walked into a bookstore and felt overwhelmed by the depth of the stories, knowledge and wisdom on the shelves? There might be the few in the front that are bestsellers and instant household favorites, but then, as you browse and spend more and more time with each book, some tucked away in the back or in a section you wouldn’t typically venture into, you find yourself awestruck. 

Ladies, we are the bestsellers, the awe-inspiring book in the back and everything in between. Each woman building her legacy choice by choice, big and small—no story more or less valuable. Your story and your life plays a unique and important role in history. Each a gem on the shelf for the next generation to swing by and pick up and to be passed down to grandchildren. 

Look around at the women in your life, and look inside. Our capabilities as women are so expansive, so far and wide that I cannot and will not ever see the end. Let us remember that we are all building legacies and writing stories that will create ripple effects that impact future generations. 

Looking at your life so far, what kind of story are you writing? What legacy would you like to leave once you are gone?

Image via Kathryna Hancock, Darling Issue No. 15

4 Keratosis Pilaris Treatments That Actually Worked For Me

The Everygirl’s product selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

Keratosis pilaris (commonly referred to as “chicken skin”) has been plaguing me for years. Those pesky little bumps would pop up on my arms and legs, and I would feel so self-conscious of how rough and uneven my skin would look that I’d feel the need to hide behind clothes. However, long sleeves and pants year-round severely cuts down on my ability to live my best life, especially in the summer, so I quickly realized that I would need to find a better solution. 

In my true overachieving way, I threw myself into figuring out exactly how exactly to treat keratosis pilaris, and I discovered that those small bumps are caused by a buildup of keratin, a hair protein, in pores that clog up and block the opening of growing hair follicles. My major takeaway was that I would need to use a delicate combination of physical and chemical exfoliation and rely on a lot of the skincare ingredients I already know and love. I tried just about every product out there that is marketed to combat keratosis pilaris, and with a combination of time (we’re talking months, not weeks here, so patience is key), I can pretty accurately say which of these products actually work (I am no longer scared to bare my arms!): 

Luv Scrub

I have always been skeptical about loofahs as they never dry fully and are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria; however, the Luv Scrub completely changed my mind. Founder Caroline Owusu-Ansah based it on a bathing staple from her native Ghana, and it is essentially a long mesh towel that you would use just like a loofah. The main difference though is that the Luv Scrub easily rinses clean and dries almost instantly. After just one use, I noticed how soft yet effective the cloth was and, over time, how the gentle physical exfoliation unclogged my pores. I should also mention that the Luv Scrub is really long. I’ve always struggled to clean my entire back without doing a contortionist routine, and with this cloth, that is no longer an issue. Win, win. 

Shop it now

Sunday Riley

Charcoal Smoothie Exfoliating Jelly Body Scrub

I will buy just about every single product that Sunday Riley makes, as I have yet to try one that does not do exactly what it promises. This scrub has quickly become one of my favorites. The Charcoal Smoothie is packed with salicylic acid, lactic acid, detoxifying charcoal, and biodegradable wax beads, and is designed to get rid of rough skin, body acne, and that pesky excess keratin. The packaging is fun, and it smells amazing and leaves my skin so soft thanks to the high jojoba oil concentration, which is just a bonus when it comes to this product. My only downside is that the wax beads are a bit bigger than I was expecting, but they are surprisingly gentle and don’t irritate the skin. 

Shop it now

The Ordinary

Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

This toning solution is the one product that I use all over my body. I usually decant the solution into a spray bottle, and once a week after I shower, I spray it on any areas that I am noticing bumps. It doesn’t smell great, but it works, and at $9 a bottle, I am willing to buy it in multiples and pour it all over my body.

Shop it now


PLAY Everyday Lotion SPF 50

I think we all know by now that you should always wear sunscreen, even if it’s cloudy outside or if you have a darker skin tone, but I am just going to gently remind you again. A lot of the products that help with keratosis pilaris are formulated with acids, which increases your skin’s sensitivity to the sun; and exposure to UV rays can lead to hyperpigmentation, which is a whole other problem to tackle. As a Woman of Color, it can be difficult for me to find a sunscreen that doesn’t leave me with a white cast, but the Supergoop line is one of my favorites. 

Shop it now


Women in History Whose Names You May Not Have Learned in Grade School

A little girl's backpack

Abolitionist and suffragist Lucy Stone said, “I believe that the influence of woman will save the country before every other power.” In honor of Women’s History Month, here are five female activists who fought for equal rights and who are not often found in school history books. 

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper was a poet, activist and abolitionist. She was raised by her abolitionist uncle in Baltimore, Maryland, a “slave state,” where she lived as a free Black woman. Harper authored “Forest Leaves,” her first collection of poetry, in 1846.

Harper was known for weaving writing and advocacy together. Harper’s “Poems on Miscellaneous Subjects” depicted the brutality of slavery and conveyed the deep suffering of Black people in works such as, “Eliza Harris,” “The Slave Auction” and “The Slave Mother.” Harper’s “The Two Offers,” was the first short story published by a Black woman in America. 

In her famous speech “We Are All Bound Up Together” at the 1866 National Women’s Rights Convention, Harper spoke of the “double burden of racism and sexism” Black women endured and advocated for the importance of intersectionality. In her speech she said, “We are all bound up together in one great bundle of humanity, and society cannot trample on the weakest and feeblest of its members without receiving the curse in its own soul.” 

We are all bound up together in one great bundle of humanity, and society cannot trample on the weakest and feeblest of its members without receiving the curse in its own soul.” — Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

Mabel Ping-Hua Lee

Born in Guangzhou, China, Dr. Mabel Ping-Hua Lee immigrated with her family to New York City in 1905. Lee quickly became involved in the women’s suffrage movement. By 1912, she led 10,000 people in a suffragist parade atop a horse. 

The same year, Lee matriculated to Barnard College, where she penned many feminist essays, including “The Meaning of Woman Suffrage,” which argued women’s rights were central to a functioning democracy. She also spoke at the Women’s Political Union’s Suffrage Shop in support of equal opportunities for Chinese women. Though the 19th amendment was passed in 1917, the Chinese Exclusion Act prevented Chinese women from becoming citizens and from voting until 1943. 

Lee would go on to become the first Chinese woman to obtain a doctoral degree in the United States. She also earned a Master’s in Educational Administration and a PhD in Economics from Columbia University. She spent her life fighting for equity for the Chinese American community. 

Betty Friedan 

Often referred to as the “mother” of “second wave feminism, Betty Friedan graduated from Smith College. She later went on to become a journalist and then a freelance writer after marrying and having children. Friedan polled more than 200 Smith alumnae in 1957 to learn about their experiences as mothers and housewives, eventually identifying “the problem that has no name:” the unhappiness of housewives.

Friedan’s research determined that while culture told women they should find immeasurable happiness in housework, marriage and childcare, many women were actually deeply dissatisfied. In 1960, Friedan wrote “Women Are People Too!” for Good Housekeeping. In it, Friedan asked, “Who knows what women can be when they finally are free to become themselves?” This article was the precursor to “The Feminine Mystique,” released in 1963

Friedan founded several feminist organizations, including the National Organization of Women and NARAL Pro-Choice. Though Friedan undoubtedly advanced feminism, she was criticized for not being inclusive and intersectional enough. 

Fannie Lou Hamer

Fannie Lou Hamer was one of the most impactful civil rights leaders in American history. In 1961, while in the hospital for a minor procedure, a white doctor gave Hamer a nonconsensual hysterectomy.  The very common “forced sterilization” of women of color—without their permission or knowledge—were termed “Mississippi appendectomies,” a clear indicator of the prevalence and violent extent of racist eugenics in America. 

Hamer subsequently became centrally involved in civil rights work. The following year, Hamer attempted to register to vote. Though she was allowed to take a highly unethical literary test, she did not pass. On the ride home with other organizers, police stopped the group and arrested the driver because the “bus was too yellow.” Her boss (a white plantation owner) fired and evicted her for attempting to register to vote. Following a lunch counter sit-in, police beat Hamer so violently that her eyes, limbs and organs were permanently damaged

Though President Lyndon Johnson tried to silence her, Hamer courageously testified about the brutality of racism at the 1964 Democratic National Convention. Her speech aired to massive national audience. In her speech, Hamer asked, “Is this America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, where we have to sleep with our telephones off the hooks because our lives be threatened daily, because we want to live as decent human beings, in America?” The fight for racial equality and equality became Fannie Lou’s lifelong mission.

In her famous speech [at the Democratic National Convention], Hamer asked, “Is this America, the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

Dolores Huerta 

Dolores Huerta experienced racial violence at an early age. In her 20s, Huerta became a labor activist registering voters and advocating for economic equity. She went on to found the Agricultural Workers Association where she continued to help push voter registration.

Huerta collaborated with César Chávez to form the National Farm Workers Association (which later became the United Farm Workers’ Union) to improve the wages and conditions for farm workers in the United States. Huerta originate the phrase “Sí se puede!” meaning “Yes, we can.” President Barack Obama later used the slogan as his presidential campaign slogan. 

Huerta worked tirelessly for the rights of farm workers leading boycotts, advocating for legislation on behalf of agricultural workers and lobbying for representation and women’s rights. In 2012, Huerta received the Presidential Medal of Freedom

What women in history inspires you the most? What are some traits she possesses that you would like to embody?

Image via Chaunté Vaughn, Darling Issue 15

Don’t Let Sex Become a Chore: 12 Ways To Keep Things Spicy – The Everygirl

We all hear how important it is to “keep the spark alive” in a relationship. I’ve always kind of hated it, but there is some truth to it. In the bedroom, if sex becomes too routine, it can make it feel like a chore instead of the fun thing you and your partner love to do together. Whether you’re spending 24/7 in a small apartment with your partner or you’re long-distance, keeping up a thriving sex life after all this time is quite the feat. But couples are doing it nonetheless, and we’re taking notes. Regardless of your situation, it is possible to have a thriving sex life right now. 


1. Spending time apart

As much as possible, try to spend time apart. If you live together, maybe you can spend a little bit of time in different rooms or different areas of the room. Maybe it’s going on walks alone, or going to the grocery store. Getting away from each other a little bit can make it exciting when you are together. Being with each other 24/7 can make life completely routine, and you’re likely to get a little (or a lot) sick of each other. Split up when you can, and you’ll feel even more interested once you’re finally together again.

Aside from your alone time, getting outside together is a good way to spark some extra creativity. We could all use a little more fresh air, whether it’s going on walks, taking a bike ride, opting to walk somewhere instead of drive, exercising outside, or just sitting on a patio. 


2. Make relaxation time about closeness

We all know how working remotely can make our entire lives feel like work. This is why having downtime and hobbies is so important during this time. But what about when you do them together? Taking time away from work to just “be” with each other is essential for a thriving sex life, and it’s even better when you use that time to get to know each other better. This builds intimacy and connection outside the bedroom, making it easier and more likely for you to do the same with your clothes off (or on—who’s judging!). Maybe it’s watching a new episode of a show every night before bed (more on that later) and discussing it afterward, or sitting down for a meal together when you’re not also watching TV. Couples with thriving sex lives know that sex is about more than just the act of sex; it’s about closeness and familiarity with each other.


3. Playing games

Turning sex into a game is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it works. This can happen in a few different ways. Of course, there are the classic actual sex games, like dice, strip poker, board games, and the like. But there are also other ways to turn your sex life into a competition, such as having sex every day for a week, trying as many new locations or positions as possible, and engaging in a new type of foreplay. This turns your sex life into a fun activity rather than a chore if things start to feel mundane.


4. Watching steamy shows and movies

While watching video erotica (porn, as you might know) is a common approach, simply watching shows and movies that include lots of steamy scenes, great connections, and unbeatable effects (*cough cough* the violin Wildest Dreams in Bridgerton) can do the trick too. 


5. Having sex during the day

One of the many pleasures of WFH life is that you’re not constrained to an office all day long, meaning sex doesn’t have to be between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. Having a quickie (or not—we do get an hour lunch break after all) during the workday makes sex feel new and exciting. Just the simple trick of getting it on outside of your normal hours will trick your mind into feeling like you’re somewhere new, even if you’ve been inside for what feels like forever.


6. Ask for what you want

There’s no way for your partner to know what you crave in the bedroom without telling them. If you’re wishing for a sex life filled with fantasies and new, exciting things all the time, it’s no surprise if you’re feeling unfulfilled if your sex life actually feels routine and pretty vanilla. Having candid conversations with your partner about what each of you wants out of your sex life gives you two something to go off of. Plus, we can’t forget how sexy it is to talk about what you’re into. 


7. Redefine what sex means to you 

Sex is about so much more than penetration or even oral. Foreplay, touching, mutual masturbation, massages, sexting—this can all be considered sex based on you and your partner’s definition of sex. Once you reimagine this, a whole new world of possibilities opens up. After a long day, you don’t have to engage in the usual song and dance; you can do whatever kind of sex feels most exciting and comfortable for you in that moment.


8. Play dress-up

On the days you feel like sex is the last thing you want to do, putting on your hottest lingerie is a one-way ticket to a good night. Not only will your partner enjoy it, but you’ll feel so much more confident, and it really sets the mood. 

But you can take this one step further by engaging in roleplay. There are so many options for you and your partner to get in on the fun: nurse, teacher, doctor, or even just a stranger (time to come up with your alter ego name!). 


9. Schedule sex

Couples with thriving sex lives know that life gets in the way sometimes (or a lot). Sometimes, the best way to make sure you get some alone time together is to schedule it. Mark it off on your calendar, add it to the to-do list in the kitchen, talk about it over breakfast. First, you’ll actually be excited knowing you have some time together coming up. But this is also a great way to implement new things you want to try. Adding sex to your calendar gives you time to prepare for roleplaying or a new location (say, kicking the roommates out for an hour so you can do it in the kitchen!). 


10. Take turns initiating

When one partner initiates every single time, sex can really start to feel routine. Instead, make it a point to take turns. One night, you come into the bedroom in some cute lingerie. Maybe the next day, your partner sends a sext to get the ball rolling. If you notice someone is taking the lead too often, talk it through and figure out where you can both, metaphorically, split the bill. It feels good when your partner shows interest in you and wants you, so make sure you’re doing the same for each other.


11. Understand that your sex life might ebb and flow

It’s not sustainable to assume you and your partner will have sex every day until the end of time. Life gets busy; things happen. But don’t take a dry spell for meaning that you’ve lost all connection and have to start over. Know that your sex life will come back, likely with intensity, in time. 


12. Create anticipation, even if sex isn’t on the table

Do things your partner will love even if it won’t lead to sex. Touch their leg, kiss their neck, bite their lip—whatever you know they like. It could be at breakfast or just passing in the hall. Even if it doesn’t lead to sex, it builds anticipation and excitement around sex. You feel wanted and sexy just living your day-to-day life, and it makes you want your partner even more. 



30 Spring Recipes That Take Advantage of in-Season Produce

As much as we love a good, hearty pot roast or crockpot meal, we’re so excited for spring that we’ll gladly trade heavy pastas for fresh greens. Springtime brings with it fresh and light flavors that we can’t wait to cook with this season. Here are some of our springtime recipe faves.


What’s in Season in Spring

  • Apricots
  • Artichokes
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Butter Lettuce
  • Chives
  • Collard Greens
  • Corn
  • Fennel
  • Green Beans
  • Honeydew
  • Jackfruit
  • Limes
  • Lychee
  • Mango
  • Morel Mushrooms
  • Mustard Greens
  • Oranges
  • Peas
  • Pineapple
  • Radicchio
  • Rhubarb
  • Snow Peas
  • Sorrel
  • Spinach
  • Strawberries
  • Swiss Chard
  • Vidalia Onions


1. Shrimp and Avocado Salad

Source: Damn Delicious


2. Chicken, Apple, and Pecan Salad in a Jar

Source: Damn Delicious


3. Strawberry Quinoa Salad

Source: Damn Delicious


4. Mexican Street Corn Salad with Black Beans and Avocados

Source: Little Spice Jar


5. Strawberry Watermelon Feta Salad

Source: Little Spice Jar


6. Glazed Lemon Raspberry Bundt Cake

Source: Little Spice Jar


7. Cream of Asparagus Soup

Source: Well Plated


8. Blueberry French Toast with Lemon

Source: Well Plated


9. One Pan Cabbage and Sausage Skillet with Rice

Source: Well Plated


10. Grilled Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos

Source: What’s Gaby Cooking


11. Black Bean Veggie Burger

Source: What’s Gaby Cooking


12. Pomegranate Breakfast Parfait

Source: Jar of Lemons


13. Spicy Southwest Stuffed Peppers (Whole30 Approved!)

Source: Jar of Lemons


14. Charred Corn and Goat Cheese Avocado Toast

Source: What’s Gaby Cooking


15. Chili Tuna Spiralized Spring Vegetables Salad (Paleo!)

Source: Cotter Crunch


16. One Pan Lemon Sage Baked Chicken and Olives

Source: Cotter Crunch


17. Balsamic Olive Oil Braised Green Beans

Source: Cotter Crunch


18. Strawberry + Pickled Beet Salad with White Balsamic Dressing

Source: Root and Revel


19. Moroccan Lentil Soup

Source: Well and Full


20. Baked Quinoa Black Bean Falafel

Source: Minimalist Baker


21. Spicy Korean Style Cauliflower “Wings”

Source: Minimalist Baker


22. Pineapple Salsa

Source: Real Simple Good


23. Pear and Bacon Bites

Source: Real Simple Good


24. Salmon Salad Bowls (Whole30 and Paleo!)

Source: Real Simple Good


25. Grilled Vegetable Orzo Salad

Source: Delish Knowledge


26. 10-Minute Black Bean Tacos

Source: Delish Knowledge


27. Instant Pot Whole Wheat Rosemary Bread

Source: Delish Knowledge


28. Vietnamese Spring Roll Salad with Crispy Tofu

Source: Delish Knowledge


29. Peach and Feta Salad with Lavender Dressing

Source: Honest Cooking


30. Blueberry Lavender Jam

Source: Table for Two


What recipes are you excited to try this spring?


What a Year of Obe Fitness Yoga Can Do for You

When 2020 rolled around, like many, I was determined to make it my year. I set many goals for myself to achieve in the year that was going to be like none other. Career goals, friendship goals, and of course health and fitness goals. I was just a couple of short months into crushing my goals and shaping a new routine for myself when our whole world shifted. We soon had to face the greatest turn of events many of us have ever seen. Though not what I had anticipated at all, 2020 certainly was a year like none other. 

As devastating as it was to see our sense of normalcy vanish before our eyes, along with all of the pain our world was experiencing, I was so grateful I had already started a solid practice of fitness and wellness with obé fitness. From live classes to a huge on-demand library, obé is the boutique fitness platform that has been rocking my world. Instructors that start to feel like friends, endless workout options to meet me where I am on any given day, and new classes added daily to keep things fresh are all things that keep me logging back in. Some days I feel like grooving out to a dance cardio class, other days I can challenge myself to a fast HIIT workout, but the yoga classes have truly been an incredible addition to my fitness rituals. 


Use code TEG50 for a 7-day free trial + 50% off your first month of obé fitness!


Though so many of my other routines and practices had to shift or be completely put on hold, I could still roll out my yoga mat daily, open my laptop, and tune out the craziness of the world for 50 minutes. After a year of uncertainty, change, heartbreak, and crippling anxiety, I was able to push through heavily due to the consistent and grounding practice of yoga at obé. Here is what a year of yoga with obé has taught me.



The need for balance

Growing up in dance classes, I always thought the idea of balance and tightening your core was to look good. It seemed to be the thing you are told to do so you wouldn’t fall on stage, or so that you would look leaner in your leotard. Thankfully, my mindset has shifted since practicing yoga. The balance work done on my mat strengthens my core and confidence and helps me stay more balanced off of my mat. I have noticed a greater sense of balance in my workload, friendships, and overall schedule. My core has gained strength which has given me a stronger figurative backbone in managing my busy life. 


The power of breath work

One of my favorite obé instructors, Beth C, has taught me the power that breath work can have in our lives. I had never put thought into breathing; after all, it is the one thing we supposedly don’t have to think about. However, the fifteen minutes of breath work helps to not only clear my mind and soothe my anxiety, but it also helps me breathe clearer and feel more well-rounded in my day-to-day.


The beauty of me-time

Like any other workout, practicing yoga can be a fantastic form of self care. At the start of most classes, you are prompted to let go and leave whatever is clouding your mind off the mat where you can pick it back up in an hour. This has helped me significantly. On the most stressful or exhausting days, I’ve been able to let those worries spill out of my head and simply focus on myself for a tiny sliver of my day. It’s such a freeing thing to practice letting go and tend to your mind and body without any guilt. 



How to dwell in the present moment

As an anxious person that always seems to be either overthinking a past event or stressing over what the future might bring, this has been a life-changing adjustment in my day-to-day life. Taking the time to allow my mind to quiet and take in the surroundings and sensations of the present moment can shift my day completely. It has also helped my strength and flexibility! When I only have to focus on what my body is doing at that moment, I can engage in a different way than in other workouts where I feel stressed about the next step or rep. 


Practice over perfection, always

My love-hate relationship with perfection has been a lifelong commitment. Yoga has been the first activity I’ve been able to free myself from that dream of perfection. Each session is different and that’s okay! I’ve learned that while some days I can stay strong and balanced, feeling like a yoga magazine model, there are other days I can barely make it out of child’s pose. These are the times I’m reminded by the instructors to check in with myself and only do what feels good. Releasing that need to succeed or meet a mark (even for an hour of my day) has given me such grace in my life. 


It’s OK to get emotional

I soon figured out that our bodies are wild, beautiful, and so very connected. It isn’t uncommon for certain poses and stretches to bring up some emotion. Eve C. has taught me that we tend to hold a lot of emotions in our hips. On the days that have been particularly sad or lonely, the perfect hip-opening pose might be the thing that opens my canned-up emotions. It has been so good for me to finally give myself space to let it out. Those practices have reminded me that we don’t have to be so put together with a little bow all the time. 


Showing up is one thing you can control

In a year that was anything but consistent and predictable, I relied so heavily on maintaining the activities in my life that I knew I could control. I believe this is something that brought me great personal growth and the ability to make it through. On those days I felt my whole world was a spinning dumpster fire around me, I could roll out my mat and at least gain a glimmer of control back. I have learned consistency is key to maintaining our physical and mental health and that this life grants us very few things we are able to rely on and control. I’m grateful I was able to find and nurture a safe space in my day. 


I’ve tried many other yoga platforms or in-person classes over the years, and I always felt very intimidated. Obé has changed that mindset for me. It is a judgment-free zone, filled with classes that strive to make your day better. I have been learning more about my body and mind on this obé journey rather than worrying about how many calories I am burning or how flexible I am compared to someone else. Whatever class I choose to tune into on any given day, be it cardio boxing, yoga, barre, even a themed dance HIIT session, I know I will feel so much better and have a clearer mindset to take on the rest of the day. Finding that freedom in a workout program has shifted everything for me.



Don’t forget: Use code TEG50 for a 7-day free trial + 50% off your first month of obé!


This post is sponsored by obé, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.